Multi-languages support by

  Multi-languages support makes possible to create one website in many languges. You can switch over the languages using little flags. Graphic design of a website stay identical although there can be individual structure with a separated subject.

Main properties

  • unlimited number of language versions
  • individual structure in every single language version
  • a separated subject in every single language version
  • all on one website
  • easy to switch over by using flags
  • possibility to translate all modules
  • possibility UTF8 encode unusual characters (Cyrillic alphabet, atc...)*
  • available only for Business version on
The system will not translate your website. All the translations you have to ensure yourself. We can only offer you a possibility to publicize your firm or your personality for other foreigners. We offer you an easy way of a multilingual presentation on website...
*) the support of Arabian, East Asian and Hebrew characters has not been tested

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